Hardy and Healthy Containers

A Full Line of Zone-Hardy Trees, Shrubs, Perennials, and Grasses Across a Wide Array of Container Sizes

Ridge Manor Nursery is our farm for container perennials, roses, grasses, trees, and shrubs.

We annually propagate and grow-on millions of container specimens across hundreds of distinct varieties of unique and trending plants in multiple sizes, ensuring we always have a wide selection to build orders from, and we’re always shipping plants that are healthy and perfectly timed to bloom for your customers.

Take advantage of our unique combination of scale, commitment to innovation and grower know-how, and discover the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ll always be able to source what you need directly from our farms.

Trending plant brands? Yes, we've got those, too.

We are proud to grow and offer wholesale access to some of the hottest plant brands in the world like Bloomin’ Easy® plants, Endless Summer® Hydrangeas, Star® Roses and Plants, First Editions® and our extensive line of Proven Winner® selections. We are also a Proven Winners® ColorChoice Flowering Shrub grower. Color Choice flowering shrubs are bred, tested, and selected to bring you more success with less effort.

Partner with us and put our expertly curated lineup of branded plant material to work for your operation.

What else makes Ridge Manor container plants special?

We cycle trim our containers at precise intervals that are proven to increase bloom power and produce a properly branched and compact specimen. This is a crucial plant production step that enables our grow team to always have freshly blooming material available for our customers. Rest assured that you will be able to source consistent and reliable plant material from us from March to December.

Additionally, our container program incorporates some of the latest and greatest horticulture innovations, like advanced growing substrates (HydraFiber®) for better moisture management. HydraFiber has been scientifically proven to help plants absorb 10%-36% more water than other mixes, and the amount of air space and moisture in the growing medium helps establish root systems quicker, according to HydraFiber’s website.

Our growers top-dress each container with 1-2″ of PBH Rice Hulls, which helps control unwanted weeds without the use of chemical sprays. The rice hulls also increase water retention properties and help limit unwanted runoff.

Get in touch with a Sales Rep today and get your next truck load of container material on the road.