Our Trees

A Variety of Hardy Trees for Shade, Fruit, and More

Available spring through fall, these are woody plants that actively grow during the season and go dormant in the winter, increasing each year toward a mature size.

Elevate your perspective, quite literally, by considering well-placed Petitti Family of Farms trees for your next project. Whether you choose deciduous, evergreen, ornamental, or fruit-bearing, a single investment in a proper tree planting can create shade, privacy, color, fragrance, and general enjoyment for years to come for your valued customers. 

Budded on our farms to bloom for you, all trees are cultivated right here in Northeast Ohio by our team of expert growers on 2,500 acres of nursery farmland in Lake County. Choose the perfect specimen for your job or wholesale business, and our knowledgeable sales team will make sure you get exactly what the job calls for.