NewGen® Boxwood

Join the Buxus Revolution!

Start clean, stay clean

NewGen® Boxwood offers growers, landscapers, and garden retailers hope for the future of boxwood by trialing, selecting, and marketing superior boxwood selections. 

The mission of NewGen® Boxwood is to be the standard bearer of a distinctively better family of boxwood (buxus). The breeder is inspired to bring forth a new generation of plants that have proven themselves through years of observations, trialing, and research. The NewGen® Promise is to provide exceptional plants that have good resistance to boxwood blight and other diseases with proper planting and care, good resistance to boxwood leafminer, and an overall stunning appearance.

With the first two introductions, NewGen Independence® and NewGen Freedom® the breeder has ushered in a new generation of genetics, knowledge, and vision, here to revolutionize America’s garden classic. NewGen is based in Piney River, Virginia.