Proven Winners®

Proven Genetics, Winning Branding

The #1 Plant Brand

Proven Winners® plants are preferred by green industry experts simply because they know a better landscape or gardening project begins and ends with a better plant. Proven Winners plants are considered top performers — healthy, disease resistant, and easy to grow, while producing long-lasting color. 

How does Proven Winners® guarantee plant performance? The company works with renowned plant breeders around the world in places like Japan, Germany, Holland, Australia and the U.S. as well as other areas. Every plant that bears the Proven Winners® name and branded white pot has been trialed and tested to ensure it outperforms everything else on the market. ‘Limelight’ hydrangea and Wine & Roses® weigela, as well as Black Lace® elderberry and Bloomerang® reblooming lilac, are just a handful of notable names you might recognize from this power-packed brand family.

Partner with Petitti Family of Farms to harness the power of Proven Winners® genetics alongside our growing expertise and innovation, and achieve success in your green industry business.