Wholesale Shrubs for Quality Growth

Our hardy shrubs are the perfect choice

Flowering shrubs like rhododendron, spiraea, and azalea offer jaw dropping seasonal blooms, while glossy foliage and berry-producing shrubs like ilex and juniper varieties create winter interest for your customers. And our wide selection of popular deciduous shrubs like Amelanchier canadensis and Euonymus alatus Compactus (Burning Bush) make for a solid addition to your next landscaping job, adding color and texture to the landscape. 

Simply put, a hardy and well-performing shrub is an integral and instrumental part of any garden or landscape ecosystem, and our sustainable Ohio grown shrubs make an excellent choice. Our grow team has decades of experience in raising, harvesting, and shipping healthy and appealing shrubs, so partner with us for all of your shrub landscaping needs.

Why should you source your shrubs from Petitti Family of Farms?

We’re proud to be a Proven Winners ColorChoice® shrub grower, and our NewGen® Boxwood program provides third-party-trialed Buxus varieties that promise good resistance to boxwood blight and other diseases. Plus, we’ve got many more unique, hard-to-find varieties that are sure to make your customers happy.

Get in touch with your Petitti Family of Farms Sales Rep today and let’s get to work on your next shrub order.