A brief history of our farms

A New Era (2007 - Today)

What started as a modest 30-acre growing operation in Lake County, Ohio, which Angelo (pictured right) launched in 1991 to support his Petitti Garden Center retail network has now expanded to over 2,500 acres encompassing three operations (Willowbend, Ridge Manor and Losely) shipping across the country to garden centers, re-wholesalers, growers and landscapers.

Historical timeline of Petitti Family of Farms:

1991 – Angelo purchased 30 acres of farmland in Madison, Ohio, to grow trees and shrubs for his stores.

2007 – Angelo acquires Ridge Manor (Madison, Ohio) and Willowbend Nurseries (Perry, OH).

2016 – Angelo acquires Sunleaf Nursery and Cass Mill Nurseries in Madison, Ohio.

2022 – Angelo acquires Losely Nursery in Perry, Ohio, and Madison Shore Growers Farm in Madison, Ohio.