Perennials & Grasses

Versatile Perennial Plants

Unique Perennial Varieties for Wholesale

 If the job calls for plants that keep coming back, give us a call! We have expanded our perennial program, and we’re offering more sizes and unique varieties of perennials than we have in the past. Cycle-trimmed at precise intervals, and protected in hoop houses, we can ensure your customer will receive season-long enjoyment.   

Perennials are herbaceous plants that return 3 years or more, are highly adaptable, winter hardy, and easily maintained, once established. The promise of amazing color and long bloom cycles year after year are among the treasured benefits that attract both homeowners and landscape professionals to consider perennials. A single planting session can lead to years, even decades, of enjoyment. Perennials are also recognized for being particularly stunning when planted en masse.