Endless Summer®

Reblooming Hydrangea Pioneers

The world’s first and best-selling brand of reblooming hydrangea

The Endless Summer® Collection is the world’s first and best-selling brand of re-blooming hydrangeas. With the introduction of The Original in 2004 by Bailey Nurseries, the world of hydrangeas was revolutionized with this new variety of perennial plants having the ability to bloom on both previous seasons’ growth as well as the current season’s growth.

With an incredibly successful launch of The Original, demand for more reblooming hydrangeas grew and led to the establishment of the Endless Summer® Collection of hydrangea, which includes Blushing Bride, Twist-n-Shout®, and the newest introduction, BloomStruck™.

No matter what variety of Endless Summer hydrangea you have in your garden, you can be confident that it will live up to its promise of endless blooms. With decades of testing and garden excellence, it is a sure bet that your hydrangeas will be a showstopper!